Every good social media plan starts with understanding your existing social footprint. With The Audit, we take an in-depth, comprehensive look into your brand’s social media presence.

What platforms are you currently on, how many likes do your posts receive, what is your engagement rate, how often do you post, what time of day do you post, what hashtags do you use, etc.? Questions that need answers to help you better understand where your overall strategy stands. 

We also review best practices for your existing social platforms so you can see exactly what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong on your current platforms. 

The Audit is perfect for brands that aren’t getting the social media results they want and aren’t exactly sure why.

The Analysis

In every business it is critical to know how you stack up in context to and beside your industry landcape and your competitors.

How and where should you position and differentiate yourself in the crowded marketplace?

With The Competitive Analysis we take a thorough look into the social media accounts of three of your largest competitors.

Simply put, we perform an audit on your main competition. We discover and illuminate their positioning, strengths and weaknesses, letting you know of the key areas of opportunity where you can outshine the competitors and provide extra value that will turn followers into paying customers.

The Competitive Analysis is a great way to learn what is working for your competitors and how you learn from their successes.

The Strategy

The most comprehensive engagement we offer, The Strategy is a triple play. We start out with an audit of your brand’s current social media presence followed by an analysis of industry benchmarks & standards.

Based on this information, we compile a report telling you which platforms you should use, when, how, and why you should post content, content suggestions, and other helpful strategies such as appropriate social media management systems for your organization, as well as up-to-date resources.

The Strategy is perfect choice for brands looking to catapult their social media results to the next level, but aren’t sure where and how to start.